Automatic Building and Area analysis tool for Photovoltaic installations using AI to combine satellite and map images

You no longer have to spend time looking for the perfect plot for your pv farm. Our application will do it for you, allowing you to save time and significantly reduce costs.

Combining open data and AI

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How to simulate the energy yield? More importantly, how to do it quickly?

In order to perform such calculations we need to check the area and roof topology, building heights, surroundings, weather condition as well as a number of other factors:

How can we automatically estimate the amount of electricity that solar panels can generate on any building or area?

features graphic The surface area available for the installation of solar modules on the ground or on a building.
features graphic Solar panel position, inclination and orientation
features graphic Sunlight measurements, depending on the geolocation and solar panel position

Together with the Sunmetric team we managed at Devopsbay to use AI neural models trained on various datasets, both open-sourced and our own that we had to create. We combined the open-data from nearly 100 different APIs with satellite image recognition to predict the missing information and estimate the maximum number of installable modules and their power generation.

Devopsbay team was tasked with creating the AI models, creating API connectors and algorithms.

On top of that our ML OPS team created a local development and training environment to enable our ML team to quickly create new models and serve them in a proper manner.The ML pipeline consisted of:

Data Collection

we ingested data from a number of sources like open-data APIs, satellite images and our own data.


we had to clean up the data, extract and filter out the important information, do initial preprocessing like applying filters to satellite images

Model Training

using the processed data to train a number of AI models.


using NVIDIA triton we were deploying the models on both local machines and in the AWS.

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How does it work?

Enter parcel id

To begin the analysis you only need to enter the parcel ID. With that information, it will be possible to generate the report for the area selected.

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Go to the reports list

All the generated reports can be found on the list. To help you find the analysis you are interested in, you can sort them by status, or search by name and date.

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Enter the report

The report page is a place where you can find all information about the parcel you choose. You may check the progress bar to make sure all the data is prepared.

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Generate usable grounds

You can choose an area for economic analysis. Thanks to our technology, we check which areas are not suitable for photovoltaic farms, but it is up to you to decide which ones to analyze.

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Perform economic analysis

In order to make an economic analysis, it is necessary to select the modules and inverter you are interested in - on this basis and on the basis of the useful grounds of your choice, an economic analysis for your investment will be prepared.

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Basic parameters

You will find all the information about the location of your plot and its area, including the latitude and longitude, municipality, country and region. You will also check the road accessibility and the local plan coverage.

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Energy parameters

You will learn the distance of your site to the electroenergetic substation and power line, as well as their power. For your convenience we will also present them on a map.

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Land register info

One of the most important things to do before purchasing a parcel is to check its land registration. In order to perform this, we enable you to buy the land registration number on our website.

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Grounds usability

You will find an interactive map with all the layers that potentially exclude pv farm possibilities because of environmental restrictions. You can find out if your parcel has any buildings, floodplains, forests, protected areas or grounds where installation is not possible.

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Economic parameters

Today, the user has the option to choose both the manufacturer and model of inverters and solar modules to accurately estimate the investment’s profitability.

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Meteo parameters

With our technology, we are able to analyze solar radiation. For this we use empirical data from 12 years back. Thanks to this, we are able to estimate (with a probability of p90, p75 and p50) the annual electricity production on the analyzed investment.

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