Posture Scan

Machine Learning used to protect your health

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The subject of the Posture Scan project is to develop technology and methodology based on Machine Learning methods, allowing representatives of medical professions to efficiently and effectively assess children's posture and search for posture defects and deformities at an early stage

Early detection of potential posture defects

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Posture Scan will introduce a new quality in preventing the consequences of posture defects in adulthood or the accumulation of deformities.

The system will minimize any mistakes during the visual assessment and will allow for early detection of potential posture defects and its observation over time.:

It will allow tracking the remission or the severity of changes, which, combined with adapted rehabilitation work, will enable the creation of a common system and a new standard of care for children with posture defects.

The Posture Scan will enable more accurate and faster screening tests in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

It will reduce the cost of the test and enable more accurate analysis and more personalized suggestions for the rehabilitation of the selected patient.