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Machine Learning made simple

Gradient is a Paperspace product geared toward machine learning developers at any stage of the ML development cycle.

Perfect for ML developers.

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A powerful no-fuss environment with loads of features that "simply works." Primary features are easily set up Jupyter notebooks with GPUs, datasets library, workflows for automating machine learning tasks and deployments.


What do others find most impressive about the Devopsbay team?

”Kubernetes is a new, rapidly evolving space. Working with a team that understands it in detail and has worked with it in production has been beneficial. They possess a lot of expertise.”

How it works


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Our Involvement

We were involved in product planning and software development.

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Our primary focus was on developing the new platform processing site architecture based on kubernetes that allowed us to run ML workloads, MPI clusters, Jupyter notebook.

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During the process we had to develop a number of operator level applications including a custom autoscaler and a number of services to monitor and provision custom resources.

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One of the challenges was to design an installer based on kubespray that allows to install a k8s cluster on cloud or a bare metal and CLI/SDK python library to communicate with the platform.

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We were a tech partner on every level - from frontend and design thru backend development and ops with a team from the US.

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We know how to make it simple

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