Check why you should dock your business into Devopsbay

Why pick our team from hundreds available on market?

We go deep into your system

We define your objectives and timeline. Identify and evaluate relevant technologies. Our approach is to do more with less, and reduce the software burden.

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We extract and merge the best from available technologies

We integrate Kubernetes with the right core across networking, storage, logging and more. When you encounter gaps in the ecosystem we can address them with custom development projects.

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We know how to ramp up the scale

We bring SRE to the new levels by mapping your path from single team, single cluster to central management of multiple teams and multiple clusters with right tools and workflow automation.

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We increase efficiency on many levels

We give developers the tools and self-service resources necessary to make the most of their work. We move to microservices and containers to get more return on your infrastructure investments and make your service as flexible as possible.

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