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We go deep into your system

We define your objectives and timeline. Identify and evaluate relevant technologies. Our approach is to do more with less, and reduce the software burden.

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We extract and merge the best from available technologies

We integrate Kubernetes with the right core across networking, storage, logging and more. When you encounter gaps in the ecosystem we can address them with custom development projects.

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We know how to ramp up the scale

We bring SRE to the new levels by mapping your path from single team, single cluster to central management of multiple teams and multiple clusters with right tools and workflow automation.

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We increase efficiency on many levels

We give developers the tools and self-service resources necessary to make the most of their work. We move to microservices and containers to get more return on your infrastructure investments and make your service as flexible as possible.

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Lofty goals don't mandate colossal software. Our approach is to do more with less, and reduce the software burden preventing the realization of business objectives.

Your team members will learn to write lean and mean software for long-haul goals, breaking complex problems into smaller pieces and deliver value quickly.

Cloud Architecture

Moving to the cloud is more complex than simply forklifting legacy services. Designing microservices and leveraging horizontal scale across cloud servers is all critical to success.

We design and build cloud applications for the fortune 500 and growing startups. Whether you need a "globally distributed self healing realtime low latency service", or just want a cleaner backend API, we can help.

Software Development

Full-stack web development focused on Python, Go and JS. Versatile skills and hunger for learning allows us to work as a truly cross-functional team and adapt new technologies quickly.

Our experience enables us to prototype ideas rapidly - and then extend those prototypes into fully-fleged, easily-maintainable and production-ready aplications.

Continous Delivery

Accelerated development doesn't have to mean lesser quality. Adopting robust automation and measurement across development, testing, and production means an end to the iron triangle of software development. You truly can have it faster, better and cheaper.

We've helped teams all over the world adopt best practices in automation, measurement and CI/CD to accelerate process.

We get results from welding prime technologies

Full-stack web development focused on Python, Go and JS. Versatile skills and hunger for learning allows us to work as truly cross-functional team and adapt new technologies quickly.

Our Clients

We are widely recognized as a company having highly-skilled specialists with an endless desire to improve. Our experienced team is always ready to do their best out of their unique skills. It makes us a reliable partner to cooperate on projects on all levels, both short and long term. We not only deliver, but also do it on time and budget foreseen. Positive feedback from our satisfied customers is always proudly received.

The team did an amazing job, using best practices in programming, deployment, and CI.

The end client responded well to the solution, and internal stakeholders commended Devopsbay's work. The team worked well with a provided P&D manager, came up to speed with the existing tech environment, and documented their process well. The final product was of quality work.

Adir Iakya
CEO at Leanfra
Devopsbay was a strong team

Devopsbay delivered a functionally stable and satisfactory software that led the industry. Technically knowledgeable, the team leveraged multiple technologies skillfully to support effective collaboration.

Machine Learning Platform
They have done a good job.

Devopsbay continues to meet expectations with their devOps development work. The team always completes projects they’re assigned.

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We transform bold ideas into robust products

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