About us

Who we are?

We are a highly specialised group of skilled engineers that share passion for IT and is outcome-driven. Our team consists of few dozen engineers, our average commercial experience is 7 years. Primary stack is Python, Java/Scala, NodeJS.

We require from our engineers to master container environments and be able to work with Kubernetes applications.

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What we do?

At Devopsbay, we help companies scale people, processes, and products through outcome-driven software development. For past 7 years we’ve been providing ML OPS and software development services for clients across the globe.

We’ve helped launch more than 100+ digital products and helped numerous startups achieve their goals.

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Where did our name come from?

We believe that having less complexities, high speed infrastructure, high stability systems, testing, and constant improvements to our release cycle, we can achieve more. It's a constant struggle to be better. That mindset / culture is called DevOps. As for the “bay” part , our office is located in Tricity - Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia - that lies by Gdańsk Bay.

Hence - DevOpsBay

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Our Principles

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A no Bullshit policy and we mean it.

we openly discuss issues and feel that the duty of the leadership is to be responsible to present goals and solutions. We also have a fairly non-hierarchical and lean working style which we find quite appealing.

Our greatest asset are our people.

We’re a mix of people from many walks of life, who thrive on knowledge and a youthful spirit. We have a big company vision, fueled with a startup mentality and a drive to think out of the box and forge new ideas.

Devopsbay's value comes from the people, IP and processes it has. This is a place to make your mark – where you can bring your best to the table and grow your career.

Why DevOps?

The software industry is growing at the speed of light, but software delivery in IT companies is suffering from a lack of department integration.

Problems are lobbed over the wall across the team and the process suffers. As a developer, you need to wait for work to get aligned with the production and operation team.

Moreover, the most recurring challenge for developers is to balance pending and new codes, along with troubleshooting when new code is pushed into the production environment.

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This is where DevOps helps you get the job done.

This happens when the production environment is not identical with the development department. Take the operation team in this scenario; as a system administrator, they are responsible for production environment uptime while maintaining code deployment schedule.

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That is why DevOps came into the picture.

It is based on the simple fact that Development and operation work better together in order to have better collaboration, communication with reduced friction in the process. DevOps is derived from Development and Operation.

DevOps’s framework comes from the agile system administration trends. It works to improve collaboration between teams for better product delivery, profitability and satisfied customers.

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It is achieved by automating most of the processes like software delivery, workflow, testing and infrastructure design. To avoid complexity, it is done in small intervals. It also builds an identical environment for Operation and the development team.

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